Shambala Synchronicities

Uncategorized Nov 11, 2017

Shambala is a lineage of Tibetan buddhism that envisions enlightened society on earth. I recently visited the Shambala mountain center during a visit to Colorado. While there I deeply connected to the vibration of Tibet, and felt that there was an interdimensional portal opening at the Shambala stupa. I particularly connected to Lemuria, and feel that spirtual traditions have carried on the frequency of the cultures that have dissolved, allowing an access point for the transmission of ancient wisdom. 

Spiritual high power spots on the earth are energetic portals to other dimensions in time and space. Knowledge can flow through these portals to help improve the quality of life, society, and experience. Spiritual temples and shrines are often built on these high energy spots naturally occurring on the land, in order to help amplify the energy and stabilize and integrate the inter dimensional energetic portal onto this earth, making it easier for other humans to access the energy and ground the consciousness of other dimensions into the human physical world. 

Humanity is a bridge between the physical and spiritual dimensions and realities, enhancing their connection and making the frequencies become closer in vibration to each other. You can tune into the subtle frequencies of any given power spot and access the portal opening by tuning into your intuition, going where you are guided to go and taking the actions you are guided to take. This brings you in tune with the frequency of the place, communicates reverence and respect for the spirit of the land and the beings watching over it, and thus you are able to access the subtle energy available there. You are more powerful and capable than you know, and able to impact frequencies and timelines through your interaction with these high power spots. 

At this time we are facing similar circumstances to the downfall of Atlantis. Advanced technology is being used without access to higher consciousness. During this time we are seeking to balance within ourselves and society as a whole the archetypal energies of Atlantis and Lemuria, combining technological innovation with higher consciousness, compassion, and equality. As we begin to see the cycles of time and the same stories being played over and over, it becomes easier to see our path of evolution going forward. 

Just as one can see patterns repeat in ones life until lessons have been mastered, the same is true with civilization. The rise of advanced civilization and its downfall is not a new story on planet earth. As our timeline of human history expands to over 11,000 years ago it becomes easier to understand our current stage in the cycle of time, and how we have an opportunity to chose our future. 

Just as the old world and old structures are dissolving, new structures and ways of thinking are being born. We are the conscious creators of the new society that will evolve through time, as society as we know it changes form. We have the opportunity to create the world we desire to live in, that we will be reborn into. 

As I meditate on these power spots I often see intentional land based communities and the interconnection between them being the energetic structure that supports the new earth. These self reliant communities will provide the structure and network that can survive no matter what happens to the existing economic model. 

Traveling along the synchronic lines or ley lines of the planet and working with their energy allows one to impact human consciousness on a global scale. Meditative work can be done to shift timelines and allowed for a higher expression of our collective destiny. 

There are many star beings that also come through at the inter dimensional portals. These energetic places provide a vortex in time and space where communication across worlds happens more fluidly. I resonate strongly with the Arcturians, and their messages of universal truth come through when I channel. They are a future timeline of a more evolved state of consciousness embodied in form. 

You are able to impact the timeline frequencies by setting your positive intention into them, allowing negativity to dissolve and allowing more light to flow into them to increase the vibrational rate of the future, from the past, setting a new frequency and course for your potential evolution. It allows the positive frequencies to flow back to you from the future and increase your power and potential now. 

The Arcturians are a future timeline and the Lemurians are a past timeline, but they are connected like a loop with information flowing through all of them. Time isn’t linear like it appears, it is a circle or loop or spiral. Cycles of time and information keep repeating themselves. 

The synchronic lines are passageways through time and space (the fabric of space time) that travel through the galaxy to other planets. Souls travel along them to reincarnate. Information travels on the lines back and forth, from galaxy to planet. They ley lines or synchronic lines are like the nervous system of the universe. Many are now feeling the call to up-level the nervous system of the planet by removing blockages and helping to amplify the energy flowing through the synchronic lines of the planet. 

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