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6 months ago, Kauai captured my heart and has held me on a journey deep into the divine feminine nature of myself and this sacred Hawaiian island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. 

I have experienced cycles of change and many layers of density have been released from my emotional body. I’ve come back home to myself and my authentic voice as an environmentalist and a feminist. As we as women reclaim our bodies, our self sovereignty, and our inherent worth outside of the declarations of a man or patriarchal culture, we open not only to a new pathway of healing and growth for ourselves and future generations of women, but also we reclaim our power to speak on behalf of the earth and restore balance to a world that desperately needs to hear our voices in order to balance to the feminine and masculine energies and come to a sense of wholeness. 

We as women hold the power within our bodies, our cells, our ovaries, to trust our deep inner knowing and to go with the flow of our divine feminine cycles, rather than push against how we naturally are in order to fit into a linear patriarchal model, designed without the goddess in mind. You have the power and right as a woman to claim self sovereignty over your life and live it as you see fit, without anyone telling you another way is the more appropriate course. 

We have the power as women to recreate our world everyday with every breath and every conscious choice that we take. If you feel empowered by my words, I urge you to trust the voice within you, the one of intuitive wisdom and higher calling, no matter how crazy that voice may seem. Because when we begin to listen to our own power and intuition and act on our own behalf for the betterment of ourselves and all society, others can’t help but notice and question their own actions, and begin to vibrate in resonance with their own higher destiny. Take step by conscious step to transform the planet one breath and one person at a time. 

I’m offering Divine Feminine Alchemy sessions in NYC June 13-15 for any women that feel called to step into the next level of embodying their greatness and true potential. I offer one on one coaching support, intuitive guidance, and energy upgrades to help you step into the next level you and embody your higher potential. 

Email [email protected] to schedule. $250 per 1.5 hr session. NYC sessions will be held in the West Village. Open to receive the help placed in your path.

Other upcoming opportunities to see each other include a Kauai retreat over Labor Day weekend. More details to follow. 

The crystal necklaces I make have gone through a design upgrade. They are now charged with the cosmic energy that flows through the Kauai Stargate. They help you evolve to express the original intent of your soul. I’m selling all previous inventory at a discount of $150 per necklace. The ancient origin of the necklace pattern has been traced back to Ancient Egypt, where the necklaces were used as a divination tool. I will be releasing more information soon on how to use the necklaces as a divination tool (ie. ask a question and receive an answer as guidance). 

Thank you for being a part of the unfolding ascension of the vibration of the planet. If I can help you in anyway, please respond to this email with your inspired request. 

xoxo, Jackie

Alchemy is the pressurization process of life transforming you into the crystalline light that is your inherent nature. 

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