6 Steps for Activating the Ley line Planetary Grid System

Uncategorized Nov 11, 2017

I recently spent time in two high energy vortex spots, Mount Shasta CA and Sedona AZ. While there I experienced my own energy being purified and felt myself working to up-level the energetic grid of the planet. Just as humans have energy channels, meridians, and chakras for life force energy to flow through, so does the earth. By energetically working on connecting the power spots and ley lines of the earth, we can heal the collective and shift to embody higher timelines of peace and harmony. The current destruction is part of our learning and growth, and makes way for a new collective consciousness of unity and peace. Below are 6 steps for activating the ley lines and energetic grid of the planet:

6 Steps for Activating the Ley line Planetary Grid System

Step 1: Self purification ritual and ceremony blessing yourself and sacrificing to the land all that no longer serves the collective consciousness, to be purged at this time through the human physical vessel. 

Step 2: Allow yourself to receive the energy of the space, allowing it to flow through you, more wave than particle. Allow yourself to merge with all living things within sight and reach of your energetic field. Allow yourself to merge with universal collective consciousness on a galactic scale. Allow yourself to embody the totality of all existence. Macrocosm and microcosm combined. 

Step 3: Activate the energetic grid and ley lines of the planet through activating them in your own body, human vessel, vehicle system. Allow yourself to integrate the energy of the earth and the collective ley line system through your physical body, the same energy coursing through the grid of the planet and the nervous system of the human body. From this place of higher consciousness, project the healing matrix of energy from your minds eye, the symbolic image of the flower of life and others. Unity consciousness gaia embodied in form, amplified by the grid of the human network system.

Step 4: Integrate into the cellular being of your body the same symbology and flower of life symbols. Feel gaia the earth and yourself vibrating as one. Be aware of the subtle imbalances in perception that arise and clear them through your minds eye and meditation practice. Once you stabilize in a space of unity consciousness by connecting to the earth, pass on to step 5.

Step 5: You are the divine embodiment of all that is. You generate and create the fate of this world, of society. Project and see now the higher visions of unity consciousness, humanity living as one. Allow yourself to be in that new world now, the one you chose and desire to create and experience. 

Step 6: Integration and completion: Know that the world that you have seen in your minds eye just now is real and created. Know that you are the creator, and no manifestation is beyond your capabilities in human physical form. Allow yourself to integrate the effects of this meditation for days to come and take grounded action steps to come alive and make this new world a reality in your waking consciousness as well as your dream desired state. 

Channeled in Mount Shasta around the Solar Eclipse of August 2017


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